Uses of the product – Shrimp Feed, Fish Feed, Poultry Feed, Cattle Feeds.
Importance of the product – No antibiotics, only Probiotics used, better stability in water as required.
Description about the product- manufacturer of Aqua (Shrimp, Fish feed), Poultry (Layer, Broiler) and all breed Cattle feeds.
Golden Scampi Feeds provide a number of merits to farmers and other end-users. A few of these are

Maximum growth in minimum number of DOC (Days of Culture).
Reduces Production Cost, Maximises Profit.
Best quality ingredients sourced around the world.
Excellent taste attraction.
Waste Reduction by providing targeted pellets for specific sizes.
Higher survival rate of animal (especially in case of shrimp, highly sensible for slight changes in environment).
Reduces chemical usage and induces regular molting of prawns.

Shrimp Feed

Specially selected, high quality raw materials and ingredients such as prime fish meal, squid meal, shrimp head meal, and natural affractants.

Tiger Prawn

Scampi Prawn

Vennamei Prawn

Fish Feed

Specially selected high quality raw materials and ingredients, such as prime fish meal, Marine animal products. Soyabean meal, Wheat products, natural affractants, vitamins & minerals premix.

Rohi or Rohu Fish

Catla Fish

Fungus Fish

Cyprinus Fish (Bangaaru Theega)

Grass carp

Poultry feed

Poultry feed supplements and feed chemicals usually include substances such as soya meal, rape meal, groundnut meal, cottonseed meal, de-oiled rice bran meal, sunflower meal, guar meal, corn germ cake.

Broiler Feed

Layer Feed

Cattle feed

Scientifically formulated by skilfully blending together pure ingredients like cereals, oil cakes, brans and pulse bye products.

Cattle Feed

Other special feed

Specially selected high quality raw materials and ingredients, such as black-oil sunflower, cracked corn, Nyjer® (formerly known as thistle), red milo, safflower, striped sunflower, sunflower hearts (also known as sunflower chips or hulled sunflower), white proso millet, and whole peanuts (peanuts out of the shell and split in half).

Sheep / Goat Feed

Emmu Feed

Koji Feed

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